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Rulefinder 9.32 Single user USB

Rulefinder software provides licensed users with consolidated versions of the latest requirements from both Lloyd's Register and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Version 9.32(July 2019) includes valid requirements as at July 1, 2019 only.

Rulefinder is not compatible with Apple Mac.
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What are the benefits?
·         Rulefinder offers substantial time savings through its quick and easy search capability, when compared with traditional hard-copy reference publications.
·         Updated twice yearly, Rulefinder gives you confidence that you are looking at the latest applicable Lloyds Register class and statutory requirements.
·         Rulefinder provides exceptional financial value when compared to the equivalent list price of hard-copy publications and further cost savings can be made through the updates included as part of your annual subscription.
What documents does Rulefinder include?
Rulefinder Version 9.32 includes consolidated versions of the latest:
Lloyd's Register classification requirements, including:
·         Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships, and additionally those for specialised ship types, including special service craft and naval ships
·         Lloyd's Register Provisional Rules, e.g. for existing bulk carriers.
·         Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Offshore Units    
Statutory requirements, including:
·         12 international conventions and protocols, including SOLAS and MARPOL
·         over 30 international codes, including the ISPS, ISM, IBC, IGC, CTU and LSA codes
·         IMO Assembly, MSC and MEPC resolutions and circulars
·         ILO conventions.

For a comprehensive list of source documents download the official Rulefinder Version 9.32 (1 July 2019) Source Documents list

For PC installation the following system requirements apply:
  • Hardware: Windows PC or compatible device with at least one available USB port.
  • Operating System: Windows XP or later.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later versions
  • Hard Disk Space Requirements: 400MB approx.
Users can also run Rulefinder directly from USB.

Further information can be found in the list of frequently asked questions 

If you have any questions or comments, please email