Horizons - September 2013

Ships that travel on a carpet of bubbles. Winged masts that use the power of the wind to drive vessels. These are two of the revolutionary, fuel-saving concepts featured in the September issue of Lloyd’s Register’s marine magazine, Horizons.

Picture a future of robots replacing teams of inspectors to trace flaws in the welding on ships’ hulls and cutting edge wireless technology that can track and locate passengers and crew cast adrift when a ship founders or gets into trouble at sea. All these projects are included in this ideas-packed, 40-page issue.

And we’re highlighting Lloyd’s Register’s advice and support for navies around the globe. Newbuild subs, two of the world’s largest aircraft carriers, 200 metre long tankers and Lloyd’s Register’s unique Grey Code for smaller vessels that provide vital back-up for the world’s naval fleets. These are just some of the exciting LR projects highlighted in the new magazine.

Find out how a young female surveyor is succeeding in a traditionally man’s world and a thought-provoking article by a leading risk advisor on why rules are not always what they seem! You can read all this plus eight pages of up-to-date news and features about LR and shipping in this incisive, hard-hitting issue.
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