HydroModeller - 12 months subscripton licence

HydroModeller is our graphical interface for preparation of hull surface mesh models for use with Waveload-FD or other hydrodyanmic applications. It offers a convenient platform to convert 2D lines plans to 3D mesh, or to import existing 3D geometry such as .stl or .bdf into a regularly panelled mesh for use in hydrodynamic assessments.

This purchase is for 12 month subscription licence for HydroModeller for use on a single computer. Note if you purchase HydroMoedeller you automatically receive a license for HydroModeller br>
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The aim of the HydroModeller is to rapidly allow the user to create a hydrodynamic surface mesh of regular, user defined panel size, from the starting point of body plan or other (unsuitable) 3D mesh. The exported final mesh may be used directly with LR's Waveload-FD motions and loads software.

When importing 2D sections, the user can also specify extra lines to be introduced in the mesh such as knuckle line, Flat of Bottom and Flat of Sides; though typically only a small number of Centreline points at features such as bow and bulb tips will allow successful mesh creation.
Import from existing 3D mesh is possible from Nastran .bdf models (non-shell elements may easily be removed), from .stl models, or from existing Waveload models with .msh format. This imported or created 'Initial Mesh'  is then transformed by the user into triangular, quad only or quad-dominant mesh of fixed nominl panel size, before export for use by external codes; export is possible to Waveload .msh format, or alternatively to other formats including .stl and .bdf.

The HydroModeller includes volume computation algorithms so that the hydrostatic properties of the mesh may be assessed; both inital and final mesh may be compared.

Furthermore design modifcation elements are included, for example hull modification to target LCB, introduction of mid body, modification of a particualar area such as the bulb.

HydroModeller may work with multiple bodies so that catamaran and trimaran designs are easily handled, as well as non-ship shaped structures.

Note that HydroModeller works with Cartesian co-ordinates to define the hull surface and not suface definitions. Therefore the quality of the final mesh depends on the quality of the import mesh or imported lines.