Insight Issue 4 March 2012

Group magazine - Arctic challenge: maintaining the balance
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This issue of the Group's magazine for decision makers in the marine, energy and transportation sectors will be published at the end of February for delivery in March. It starts with a series of articles about developments in the Arctic and Robert Swan's campaign to protect Antarctica.

Contents in full:
• The Arctic challenge: maintaining the balance
• Arctic transit: Northern Sea Route
• Fram: polar voyager
• Tackling the cold, hard facts: drilling in the Arctic
• Governing the ‘polar Mediterranean’: Klaus Dodds, Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London
• On a deadline to 2041: Robert Swan
• Constant innovation: Gearbulk Norway
• New fuels, new engines & new designs
• New steerage at the IMO: Koji Sekimizu, IMO’s Secretary-General
• Empowering eco visions - the E-idea
• Heading in the right direction: Henry Derwent, President & CEO of IETA
• The paradox of perfection: James Smith, Chairman of the Carbon Trust
• What does COP 17 mean for carbon trading and CDM?
• The long wait for investment grade policy: Joan MacNaughton, Senior VP, Environmental Policies and Global Advocacy, Alstom
• A people discipline: Andrew McCusker, former Operations Director, MTR
• ISO 9001: Business management literature’s most influential work?
• Engineering the Olympics – Sir John Armitt, Chairman, ODA
• Is London’s transport network up to the job? Meeting the Olympic challenge
• A country transformed: Brazil
• Rise of leisure ships in China
• Committing to a food safety culture