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Horizons - January 2013

Find out how Lloyd’s Register technology is helping to transform container operations from loading and carriage to final delivery, why LR has reached new heights with two global technology centres and exciting news from the southern Asia front. Read about how Lloyd’s Register’s unique series of Golden Rules, how LR has helped develop the latest drillship designs from Korea, slow-steaming tankers from Greece, tugs from Thailand and the world’s largest floating offshore facility bound for south west Australia. Find out about our latest SmartSurvey results on owners, managers and the shipping industry and help yourself to a new year treat by ordering our ILO MLC checklist and smartphone app.

Horizons - May 2013

Find out what the global fleet will look like in 2030 and why China and India will lead the world in several significant sectors in the latest issue of Horizons, Lloyd’s Register’s marine magazine. These are just two of the highlights of a major LR report, Global Marine Trends 2030, featured in this issue which forecasts likely changes in the next 20 years.

You can read about the exciting trials and tests that are being made on methanol as an alternative fuel for modern vessels and find out about several projects studying sailpower as a power source of the future – even if they don’t revert back to those graceful wooden galleons of the 17th and 18th centuries. There are several “firsts” such as the largest Lloyd’s Register-classed ship to be built in Vietnam, LR’s ISO 50001certification for a Danish shipowner and the cutting-edge Clean Sky design developed by COSCO, Golden Union and LR for a next-generation LNG-powered bulk carrier.

A Lloyd’s Register special supplement, Gas Technology, an up-to-the-minute report on gas solutions, is included as a free insert with the May Horizons.

Horizons - January 2014

Find out about the quiet revolution in ferry travel and how yesterday’s primitive horse-drawn vessels have evolved into the hybrid ferries of today in a special eight-page section on newbuild ferry design and construction.

You can read a series of thought-provoking articles on fuel efficiency and the engines of the future and how a Canadian company recently converted to LNG. Then see if you can spot the key events as they happened in the LNG story in our specially produced map of the world.
And to end with something completely different, discover the mysteries of a remarkable virtual reality project LR has been involved with. It could just change the way builders and architects design the vessels of tomorrow.

Horizons - September 2013

Ships that travel on a carpet of bubbles. Winged masts that use the power of the wind to drive vessels. These are two of the revolutionary, fuel-saving concepts featured in the September issue of Lloyd’s Register’s marine magazine, Horizons.

Picture a future of robots replacing teams of inspectors to trace flaws in the welding on ships’ hulls and cutting edge wireless technology that can track and locate passengers and crew cast adrift when a ship founders or gets into trouble at sea. All these projects are included in this ideas-packed, 40-page issue.

And we’re highlighting Lloyd’s Register’s advice and support for navies around the globe. Newbuild subs, two of the world’s largest aircraft carriers, 200 metre long tankers and Lloyd’s Register’s unique Grey Code for smaller vessels that provide vital back-up for the world’s naval fleets. These are just some of the exciting LR projects highlighted in the new magazine.

Find out how a young female surveyor is succeeding in a traditionally man’s world and a thought-provoking article by a leading risk advisor on why rules are not always what they seem! You can read all this plus eight pages of up-to-date news and features about LR and shipping in this incisive, hard-hitting issue.

Horizons - June 2014

Read the new, bumper size edition of Horizons, Lloyd’s Register’s marine magazine. In this special Posidonia issue, you can read the pithy and perceptive views of eight leading Greek shipping figures as they reflect on Greece’s present and future.

Find out about Lloyd’s Register’s role in one of the UK’s largest current infrastructure projects – the building of two UK supercarriers at six different British ports. We also feature the build-up to the launch of one of them, HMS Queen Elizabeth, by the Queen in July this year.

Another LR first is the work we have done on the building of the giant Shell Prelude, a floating liquefied natural gas platform which, once complete, will be the largest ship ever constructed. And to reflect LR’s extensive work and research on future fuels, we’ve included a Lloyd’s Register Top Five wall chart or pullout with a guide to the main fuel choices from LNG to methanol and HFO among others.

Horizons - January 2015

Why not start the New Year with a flourish with the January 2015 issue of Lloyd’s Register’s marine magazine, Horizons.

We have some big news for you with two world firsts. There’s the amazing story behind the classing of the world’s largest ship, Allseas’ Pieter Schelte, a heavy lift and pipelay vessel built by DSME in South Korea. Then there’s the pioneering story of the conversion of the Nordic cruise ferry, Stena Germanica, to methanol-as-a-fuel, the first seagoing vessel to use methanol as a power source. Another notable first is our exclusive story about the re-branding of V.Ships, the world’s largest ship management company. V.Group’s Executive Director, Bob Bishop, speaks to Horizons about the launch of their new brand and their exciting plans for 2015 and onwards. Read about the latest awards LR has won including the exciting Lynceus project that pinpoints passengers and crew cut adrift at sea and several recognitions of our role as a leading global safety organisation. Plus of course news of our latest wins from around the world.

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