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Foundation Review 2016

The Foundation's annual review of 2015/16

Foundation Review 2017/2018

Curiosity connected

Creating safety for society through science, technology and engineering

Foundation Review 2015

This 24-page document is the Lloyd's Register Foundation's review of its activity in the year 2014/15. The Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s vision is to be known worldwide as a leading supporter of engineering-related research, training and education. You can find out more on the Foundation’s web site LR employees can use this review to illustrate the charitable activities of the Foundation, LR's parent organisation, and LR's Group Review 2015 includes a description of the relationship between LR and the Foundation and the public benefit activities of LR (to order copies see All LR> Group Reviews from late November).

Strategy 2014-2020

Impact and excellence
This document is the Lloyd's Register Foundation's six-year strategic plan. It sets out how it will focus on key objectives under four strategic themes: promoting safety and public understanding of risk; advancement of skills and education; supporting excellent scientific research; and accelerating the application of research.

Foresight review of nanotechnology

This report published April 2014 was commissioned as a foresight exercise to look at the worldwide developments being made in nanotechnology and what the impact of its applications might be in the engineering-related sectors of relevance to the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Foresight review of big data

The report, published December 2014, reviews large-scale data analysis and describes big data methods, techniques and solutions.