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A mater's guide to Fire Safety on Ferries - PDF Version

How to use this Guide A Master’s Guide to Fire Safety on Ferries sets out to promote best practice in fire safety, to raise awareness of fire risks in general and fire risk on ferries in particular. The guide is written for mariners, although surveyors, safety professionals and anyone with an interest in marine safety will find it of use. We have assumed mariners have completed basic firefighting training and so have not attempted to teach this or write a firefighting manual. We have also assumed mariners have experience of the fire prevention, detection and extinguishing systems on ferries, and therefore have not delved too deeply into design but have attempted to explain the basics, their strengths and weaknesses, what can go wrong and what mariners can do to improve fire safety. The guide largely excludes fire safety in machinery spaces, this being the subject of a separate publication.

Available as a pdf download only.

Condition Monitoring of Marine Machinery

A guide to condition monitoring techniques and condition-based maintenance which allows ship owners, operators, builders and designers to explore and take advantage of modern intelligence-led maintenance approaches. It is particularly aimed at those involved in condition monitoring equipment selection and condition-based maintenance scheme implementation. But, it will also assist shipbuilders and designers involved in the integration of condition-based maintenance solutions for marine machinery.

Form 1365 (LA1) Register of Ships Lifting Appliances & Cargo Handling Gear (Sold in packs of 20)

Rebranded following new guidelines and sold in packs of 20.

Pocket Guide No.2: Survey and Examination of Ships' Lifting Appliances

This pocket guide is intended to help ship operators understand the importance of good maintenance, what happens during the examination of lifting appliances and what is required of them before an examination takes place

The Human-Centred Approach - A Best Practice Guide for Equipment Manufacturers

A guide to the implementation and improvement of human-centred design processes for marine equipment manufacturers.

Available as a pdf download only.